My Dream’s A Blue Rose


My dream’s a blue rose
Uncommon ; Divine
Created from a myth of colour
Past an hourglass that runs lost time.

People tend to praise a crimson
Red as blood , they want
“It’s only natural for a rose to be like every other in the field…”
Red as blood , they want.

But don’t you see , my rose is different
The dream I believe in , my sweet rose
Its thorns disappear at my sight, and gives hope
Blooming at the right moment.

“What good will it do you ?” , you may ask
Relying on a frail charm of petals
Clinging onto them in the future
While the night sees a new star.

“What’s it to you , red or blue?”
For how uniquely crazy our dreams sound
Like the blue rose…
Bizarrely beautiful , special to the eyes of a person
Who nurtures it and watches it blossom.

  • Know this , there’s only you to believe in the existence and power of your blue rose.


By : Nathania Keny





Venezuelan Wanderlust

Ever felt it?
Jumping off the world’s greatest heights
In your head , down to where the blue never ends
And feel with your heart , the grass you lie on , staring at the kites.

Unhurt , unquenched
Always on the hunt for more,
Adventure ; Ranger in the wild
Or be a study in folklore.

Dayside near the Orinoco
Wrestling with her friend , the crocodile
And the stars in the flag
Sparkle like the lilies of the Nile.

Not like the other women
Who’d dance the Joropo,
And perfect their arts
In the city of Coro.

Ever felt it?
Jumping off the world’s greatest heights
In your head , down to where the blue never ends
And feel with your heart , the grass you lie on , staring at the kites.

Yet would you leave everything forever , even love?
Would you have looked at him?
One last time
Before the lamps fell dim.

Made a harsh choice
On the Mountains of Perija
Remembering his bitterness
As she rode across Merida.

Out on a quest of giving up
Now finally here
Aragua broke into song ;
But the Earth fell silent in fear.

From where winds blew
They told her the same truth , too rather ,
” He misses you. Return at once
He’s not some stranger, but your Father ! ”

“I’d ventured into the world” I said
“Set out to prove myself,
Now I’m done , just a memory
A photo on his shelf.”

“There are problems” I said
“And I can’t tell him any “,
“Go back and find out” said the winds
“How he’ll answer the many.”

And so she did
The old man’s eyes rained joy in Maracay,
As time was there to spend, retracing her life
The wisest man she knew showed her each way.

Then she started running
With a peaceful mind,
Venturing back into the world
Yet always returning to her paradise kind.

Ever felt it?
Jumping off the world’s greatest heights
In your head , down to where the blue never ends
And feel with your heart , the grass you lie on , staring at the kites.

By : Nathania Keny












Dieu d’Abraham

exodus-3-the-burning-bush” Mes amis , c’est mon premier poème que j’ai écrit en langue française. Je le consacre par la présente au Dieu trinitaire ! ”


Notre père dans le Ciel !
Celui dont le fils marchait sur l’eau ,
Nous nous souvenons de vous en ces temps
Pour Jésus est notre plus beau cadeau.

Cher père, écoute-moi
Sauve-moi de l’obscurité ;
L’obscurité qui est Satan
Et montre-moi le chemin de l’éternité.

Dieu d’Abraham
Tout ce que j’ai, c’est toi ,
Et tout ce que je demande;
Reste avec moi !

Vous êtes le Créateur
Vous donnez et vous prenez ,
Dans la vie de votre peuple
Pour tous de nous , encore une fois vous viendrez !


Par : Nathania Keny

Forsaken , Forgotten

” Forsake the Forgotten. There’s a reason they’re forgotten.” ,

– Nathania Keny

I waited for you on the bridge till morn’
Fire burning ashes in my throat,
Hoping you’d sway the breeze on the smoothest course
In your silver – coated riverboat.

When does a path of ripples stretch so long , I ponder
I’m a Maiden of Peace ; A Servant of Time
And I shan’t dishonor the ones on my side
No more than my pride for a merry bard’s rhyme.

A merry bard in the company of three
Spent many days fiddling in an inn for gold,
So as to buy a cottage for me
To dwell in , once his songs are sold.

But as we approached the sunny week’s end
And his first pay loaded in full,
Two glittering eyes stared at the sack
The expression of greed , his face failed to pull.

You were never the same , O Son of a Peasant;
Mind once sturdy as a house of brick,
Leaving the old man his comforts of life;
A camping garden and a walking stick.

It wasn’t pity I had for you , but love
A love that’s now seen you just as fair,
Chasing an enthusiastic crowd undying
Whilst I lit my candles in prayer.

Ever since I’ve stood under
The guileless light of the Moon;
Below me is a river that witnessed
My wedding to the musical tycoon.

But I think not , no more , since you’re not here
My heart shan’t lament for the forgotten,
Your time is short, and your son won’t walk your ways;
An oracle has prophesied the unspoken.

By : Nathania Keny



An Hourglass or two


The cravings of life
Are never quenched
Ambition is good , Desire is danger
When all your strength is drenched.

The faulty clocks , they tick
Sundials , too
Perfection has its flaws
Time flies off to the blue.

The Lakes of sparks;
Talents spun in a spindle
We’re humans , and that’s what
An hourglass or two could do.

Nathania Keny

What Egypt would’ve been…

tumblr_msvyu6lr0x1s05zs4o1_1280Since the sky was the limit
For the Pharoahs of the past
Their warships set sail
But their town nets lay cast.

And what about the barges?
Fancied like the Queen’s pearls
The lion – tamed wigs of beads
Of their hired , dancing girls.

Egypt was a lover !
In the eyes of her Pride
No shore could have had more
Snakes , in bulrushes to hide.

Well , not a shore
What I meant were those banks
They’re not like Today’s world
With the fishes in High Tanks.

If I could go back
A thousand years or so
I’d see a Sphinx , how I’d want to ,just vigour
And many , many in a row.

– Nathania Keny




The Genesis of the Gospel

A star in the East
The Magi had seen
It went before them
They followed, with minds keen.

Rejoice they did
But Herod went wild
When they had found
Their King; A Child.

Gifts they presented
Myrrh and gold
Frankincense worthy
Humility did unfold.

But they walked away
Away from the Palace
For being warned by God
They were off to their province.

Then an angel told Joseph
“To Egypt must you flee
With Mary and Jesus
Now, a safe place to be.”

King Herod, enraged
Ordered the slaughter
Of Bethlehem’s sons;
Woe to Judaea’s daughter!

Egypt, they left
After his reign
Jesus fulfilled
The prophets’ word : He’s Nazarene.

– Nathania Keny

Charlot’s Rocking Chair

They walked their way
They made their choice
With a luxury ; Life
And a strident voice.

I see Death
In ways than one
It’s not the Gallows
It’s not the Gun.

A legend only Time can tell
The blade that struck from Darkest Hell;
Sharp like Thunder as she fell.

As she hauled, so did her tale
That echoed the endless sea
The Men of France were thus declared
As “Men who were born Free”.

The Scottish Maiden, she had killed
Marie Antoinette the Queen
She was ruthless, she was wild
She was the Guillotine.

– Nathania Keny

My Trip To Paris

It felt like a blue moon
I was the most eager
To board the train soon;
Leave the Alpine cones meager.

We left the motel
To the starlit night
To my left I see the station
And the Lake swans in my right.

The price was for Time
Paid short in the rain
Built castles in the air
Inside a cozy train.

After a stay and some rest
Before us the Eiffel Tower
In the dazzling City of Lights
I felt a queer , dark power.

Why queer , say I ?
It was a lovely morning
Until I met a devil
Clearly , we had no warning.

He was tempestuous
A wolf that played with sheep
No , he gambled with their sorrow !
They were left , penniless , to weep.

A ball and three cups
His minions at each end
And all he would ask is :
“Where’s the ball , my friend ?”.

Sure , we lost some
Certainly not plenty
For the others went back
And bet their whole times twenty.

There’s more evil that lingered
Victims , We’d seen
Thieving Gypsies , drugged cats
And I was merely thirteen.

I boarded the train
And rode till far ahead
But all I’d missed
Was my lamp and comfy bed.

     – Nathania Keny